How to turn your knowledge, skills and expertise into a Subject Matter Book

As a business owner, you have plenty of expertise. You might be a specialist who has a deep knowlege of a given subject.  It may be that those around you have ‘picked your brains’ for years.

If you are used to writing ‘Course Objectives’ when designing training for your customers, then you could write your book, alongside that process. Each of your Course Objectives will be a Chapter Heading and underneath each of those headings you can add in all of the detail that you won’t necessarily cover in your course.

When you deliver training to employees, you usually ask each of the course delegates what they will want to have achieved by the end of the course. The answer to each of those questions will provide valuable content for your book. This is because your delegates will be identifying the problems and challenges that they are facing, that you can help with.

At the end of every course, you may have gathered many post course evaluation questionnaires. The feedback on those questionnaires can help you to determine what is the most important content for your Subject Matter Book.

If you are the ‘Go To’ person for common, repeated problems then whenever you have helped the employee or delegate to solve those problems, this is the expertise that can go into your subject matter book.

You may have many courses that you have designed and delivered over the years, using material that you have written and that is unique to you and your audience.  You may have found your ‘niche’ audience who might want to learn more from you on the subject matter. Why not take that experience, build your brand and write about what you know? 

Take those guest speaker notes, the reports, the white papers, the training courses and all of the other information that you hold in your head and turn it into a book.

Given the limit to our ‘freedoms’ and the need to stay safe, stay at home and limit how much we interact with others, a book could be a sensible and cost effective method to deliver ‘training’ to your audience.

If you’d like help turning your subject matter knowledge into a book, take a look at my Book structure’ package, it’s a great way to start writing your subject matter book.

I’m busy finishing of a book about how to write a book – if you’d like a copy, you can pre-order it here (You’ll get a signed copy). It’s due out Q1 2022!

If you’d like to know more please get in touch, I’d love to help you. 

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