About Me

Self Publishing Book Coach

Why work with me?

After 30+ years working in a diverse range of businesses, I started writing my own short stories 20 years ago as a side-gig. My first book taught me all that I need to know about how to write and self-publish. I now use that knowledge to help aspiring authors, like you, to write and self publish your own book. I will help you to avoid the mistakes that new authors can make when writing their first book. Helping you to avoid those mistakes will make the book writing journey easier, enjoyable and fun.

My Packages

Your Writing Journey

I jump on the writing bus with you and ensure that your writing and your book:- 

  • Has a clear framework for you to follow with your writing
  • Follows step by step process to ensure that you avoid the pitfalls of the first time author
  • Moves you easily from one stage of the book creation journey to the nex
  • Has you at the centre of the process, with me sitting on the writing bus with you, guiding you and supporting you to your final destination – your book end.
  • Has a clear process that keeps you motivated to continue until your book is done
Get Started

You’ve made the decision to write your book. It’s your ‘Book Baby’, your project and your legacy.

Get in touch for a ‘One Stop Shop’ approach to writing and self-publishing your book

Where to Get Advice and Guidance When Writing and Self Publishing Your Book

We can call on the expertise of book Publishing Consultant, David Hambling, my business partner. We will work with you now that you want to write a book but don’t know where to start. We will be with you on the writing bus, from first word to book end. Guiding, advising, supporting and coaching you to make writing and self publishing your book,  easier, effortless and fun. Working together as a team, with you, the aspiring Author at the centre of the book creation journey.