What Are The Stages To Write & Self Publish My Book?

Write Your Book

Forming a regular writing habit is key. Writing brings on more writing. Figure out for yourself how much time you can spare a day and commit to writing without interruption..

Motivation To Write

We all know about ‘Writers Block’. Make sure that your ‘writing time’ is set up for success. Choose a comfy space, without interruptions, turn off your e mail and your phone and get writing. Make it as enjoyable a process as possible. Make it your time. Make it fun!

Beta Readers

Get the feedback. Choose at least 3 people that you know, like and trust to give you feedback on your writing. Choose wisely. Give them a simple framework to use that will help them give you feedback. A simple SWOT document works well.


Organise what might seem to be a jumble of thoughts that you have about the content of your book idea into a structure. A book ‘kick-starter’ with me as your book coach will help you to do this is and a great first investment in your book.

Book Marketing – The Basics

Marketing is critical. If you tell someone that you’ve written a book, their response might be ‘Great, so what?’. You have to factor in your target market if you want to sell you book once it’s done.

The Steps To Write & Self Publish Your Book


If you have no set book budget, if nothing else, you must invest in a professional editor to edit your work. Pay once before your book is launched or double up your budget for the mistakes that are caught once your book is out there for sale. Can you imagine the damage to your reputation if those errors are not picked up?


The second golden rule when it comes to your book, is to pay a professional typesetter to turn your words into a book. A typesetter can make the difference between a happy customer who raves about how good your book looks and a lost sale.

Book Cover

Do you judget a book by its cover? Yes, we all do! So what makes you pull a book off the bookshelf? Most book buyers are attracted to the front cover and then in most cases, will turn the book over to see how that book will meet their needs. Your front and back cover are the shop window to your writing. Getting it right is a skill.


This all starts with how you market your book. If no-one knows about it, why would they buy it? Who is your ideal reader and who will be the person who buys the book? You will have to swap your ‘writing and author’ hat for a ‘Sales hat’ and learn the art of sales, in order to be able to recoup and make money on your book.


There’s one golden rule with proofreading. Pay a qualified professional to do it for you.Imagine your book for sale and then consider how you will feel if the review is negative because of grammar errors that the friend or relative who did you a favour missed or got wrong?

Print and Digital

Build in costs to get your book onto your chosen self publishing platform e.g. via Ingram Spark, Amason or your own website. Illustrations and photographs will increase the price as will paper size, texture and print finish.

Book Launch Planning

By the time you have written your book, your book launch plan must be well under way. Getting the word out there is an important factor in your book success and so leaving this to chance or to the last minute is not an option.

There’s a lot to think about when you put pen to paper.
If you’d like help getting your book started, take a look at the packages on offer or get in touch. I’d love to help you. Mandy@WriteMyBook.co.uk

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