How To Get Motivated To Write My Book

It might just be that you’ve an idea for a story that’s been knocking around in your head for ages and it’s now, finally, the right time to get it done. It might be that it’s starting to ‘bug you’ that you’ve not done anything with it. It’s starting to take up headspace. Once you could push it away but now those thoughts are turning stubborn. They won’t leave. You’ve got to get on with it or forget it and leave it, unwritten, gone, forever. If you don’t write it, be sure that someone else will. How will that feel? (that was my idea is something we all have said from time to time). There’s not an never ending list of original ideas, all book ideas have been done already in some form or another by someone at some point in time. Except this time, it’s going to be you. You’ve made up your mind. You are going to write your book! But how do you keep the motivation levels high, once you finally start writing?

How To Write My Own Picture Book

Ask yourself – What is my book ‘Why?’  

 Could writing your book be about…..

  • Being seen as the ‘expert’ in your field?
  • Your subject matter book being used as a lead magnet for your business
  • Fame and fortune? (your book might get turned into a TV series or a film one day)
  • Leaving your Life Story for your children and grand-children?
  • Doing something that you’ve been putting off and putting back?
  • Writing it just for you. Taking time out. Making it your ‘book baby’.
  • Doing what you said you are going to do and proving everyone who said ‘you’ll never do it’ wrong?
  • Leaving a legacy. After all, if we have 70 years+ what’s left of us when we are gone? Writing your book is your stamp on the world. ‘I was here’. 

You never know where the book writing journey will take you, what you will discover when you jump on the writing bus and what opportunities and the doors it will open up.  

Whatever your answer, it’s about finding the ‘hook’ that will motivate you to start writing and to keep on going till the job is done. Find the ‘emotion’ and the ‘feeling’ behind your book idea and write it down. Stick it to your computer screen, your desk or wherever you write. Keep it within your eyeline so that it becomes a ‘Go to thought’ of “I’ve got to write more today and I’ve got to keep going till the job is done”.  

The answer to that question will keep you going when you get past the initial euphoria of actually starting to write it. The bits where you get stuck, dip, lost faith, get bored with it, lose momentum. 

  1. Write one page a day, a week a month.
  2.  Set small goals – a page a week
  3.  Set big goals – a page a day for a week, month, 3 months
  4. 1 page of A4 per day, 500 words x 90 days = 45,000 words
  5. You keep going till it’s done. 
  6.  Full Stop.  

Action brings about Action and ‘Writing brings on more writing’. Find your book ‘Why’ and get writing. 

If you’d like help with your book writing motivation, please get in touch.

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