How A Great Book Structure Can Help You To Write Your Book

If you are anything like me or any other Author, when you start out thinking about writing a book, you have plenty of ideas, characters, plot twists and story lines.  They’re in your head, on scraps of paper, on your pc, laptop or phone and anywhere that you manage to get them down before they fly out of your head just as quickly as they flew in!

I’d describe it like a big, complicated jigsaw puzzle that’s been tipped out all over the floor.  None of the pieces ever look like they’d fit, they all look the same, there’s always a missing piece and there’s sometimes one bit left over because somebody else has forced the wrong piece into the wrong place.

Here are a few simple steps to follow that will allow you to get to the point where you can say ‘I am going to write my book’ and get on with it.  And you will not only mean it, but you will do it, efficiently, more quickly and in a way that can even make it fun! (once you are past the initial angst of the madness that can be writing a book).

Book Structure

Take each of the steps and take some time to think about where in the jigsaw that they fit.  The obvious place to start is the Title with the Chapters following on.  Then you can start to add in the pieces.  Sometimes you’ll be focused in one character or plot twist and at other times you will want to stand back and look at the whole picture. 

Think of the Structure of your book, just like the picture on the front cover of the jigsaw box – it gives you a ‘framework’ to work from and refer back to. 

There are many ways in which you can structure and write a book. This is just one way.  Next time I’ll show you how to write your book with the mind of an Engineering Professor called Kaoru Ishikawa. 

Till then, happy writing and remember when you get the Structure right the rest will follow!

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