10 Top Tips When Self-Publishing

Have you ever considered self-publishing a book? Well here are my top 10 top tips when self-publishing a book., including some things that you might not have thought to take into account.

Start Talking About Your Book

At least 6 months before your book launch.  Mention it once or twice a week initially, to let your fans know that it’s ‘in progress’.

Ask 3 People Who You Know, Like and Trust to Be Your ‘Beta Readers’

Their role is to spot grammatical errors and plot flaws.  Ask them to let you know the bits in your writing where they drift off or where you ‘lose them’.  By losing them I mean, that your story either doesn’t leave them eager for more, where it’s confused them or where there’s been a plot ‘jump’ that they don’t understand.

Feedback. Ask for It and Take It Gracefully

It’s a gift that’s not always ‘gift-wrapped’.  When someone takes the time to give that feedback, there’s an element of respect for you, the writer.  Use the feedback to improve your writing and story line, where you think the feedback will improve your work. *Unless they are a Troll and/or if their feedback is unwarranted and unrequested

What Do You Want to Achieve When You Do Publish?

Are you really about DIY all the way or do you want to submit your book to publishers who might take you on? There’s pros and cons of both DIY and having a publisher sign you up.  Take time to think about this before you set off on the path of self-publishing.

10 Top Tips When Self-Publishing

Fan Club or ‘Tribe’

If you are getting good reviews, leverage this as far and as wide as you can.  Use the reviews, with permission, as testimonials to promote your book.

Target Your Ideal Audience

Who is your ideal customer?  If you don’t know who they are and you haven’t got an Ideal Customer ‘Avatar’, then work with what you have already.  Who has bought your book so far?  Are they all similar?  There will be common themes, so use them as the basis for your Ideal Customer and write your marketing posts to appeal to them.


Always buy and use your own.  Google ‘how to buy an ISBN’.


If your marketing is gathering speed and volume, run a competition for the winner to get a signed copy. 


Decide at the outset how you are going to market your book, where specifically you are going to market and be consistent and persistent. It takes time.

Write Once, Edit as Many Times as You Can

Even the most qualified, the most experienced editors, proof-readers and Beta readers will miss something.   The more ‘eyes’ on your words the better.  Get it right now or take the negative feedback later.

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